Sports exhaust system? From BASTUCK, of course!

BASTUCK sports exhaust systems are always a guarantee for a deep and rich sound, a clear increase in power and optimised torque. The result of a conversion to a BASTUCK sports exhaust system is always sportiness right down the line - because our complete systems are tested and tried under the toughest conditions in motorsport. You will receive your BASTUCK sports exhaust with EC/ECE approval, so that your sports exhaust system does not have to be specially entered in the vehicle documents, as well as tailpipes made of polished stainless steel or high-quality carbon. Very simple. Very BASTUCK.

Why a sports exhaust system?

Modifying your vehicle's exhaust system with a BASTUCK stainless steel sports exhaust brings you a whole range of advantages - and no disadvantages. Very simple. You get a rich sound as well as more power with significantly more driving pleasure. What's more, you can look forward to the enormous longevity of your sports exhaust system, as stainless steel is corrosion resistant.

Discover BASTUCK!


With around 5000 loyal dealers worldwide and a wide variety of associated vehicle manufacturers and tuners, BASTUCK is one of the most successful manufacturers of sports exhaust systems throughout Europe. Our stainless steel sports exhaust systems are built to the strictest standards and come with EC/ECE approval. So, you get exactly what you dream of: the best legal sports exhaust system, into which the lifeblood of many decades of motorsport, development work and passion has flowed. With a sound that only a BASTUCK sports exhaust system can produce. That's why BASTUCK.


New development: with pleasure!

In most cases, you will find the right sports exhaust for your exact vehicle in our product portfolio. To keep it that way, we are constantly on the lookout for new vehicles. This means that our development department always needs the very latest, brand new cars in order to adapt the BASTUCK sports exhaust systems exactly to them. So, if your vehicle does not appear in our portfolio, please contact us. Your advantage: The first system newly developed and produced by us will be installed exclusively on your vehicle. And what's more, after 2-4 weeks of development work, you will be the owner of exactly this sports exhaust system as a "thank you" gesture.

Which advantage does a BASTUCK sports exhaust system with exhaust flap offer?

With a sports exhaust system with exhaust flap, the electronic exhaust flap opens at the appropriate speed (over 70 km/h). You therefore enjoy full sound with optimum performance. At slower speeds, the exhaust flap closes automatically, which means undisturbed driving pleasure for you. BASTUCK installs its exhaust flaps in the rear silencer and complies with the strict regulations that must be respected both during the development and during the use of the sports exhaust system with exhaust flap. Thus, the sports exhaust systems with exhaust flap also have an EC/ECE approval.

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