Ford Focus 4 ST and ST-Line 2018 onwards: SPORTS EXHAUST SYSTEM

  • Ford Focus 4 ST: performance augmentation of 5 KW and 8,8 NM *)
  • sports exhaust system with ECE homologation

  • rear apron insert for ST-Line models

Ford didn’t give the Focus 4 ST-Line the title of „unambiguously sporty” without thought. The sporty characteristics of the ST variant are clearly visible and therefore we have developed BASTUCK sports exhaust system for both model lines.

The complete system after the particulate filter for the Ford Focus 4 EcoBoost ST consists of one adapter, a front and rear link pipe as well as a rear silencer. For the Ford Focus 4 EcoBoost ST-Line the adapter, front silencer, rear link pipe and rear silencer together form the complete exhaust system behind the particulate filter. The tailpipe variant Twin RACE S with single tailpipe (1x Ø 100 mm LH+RH, cut obliquely at 30°, with RACE-Look) is available for both models with carbon fibre or stainless steels tailpipes and with or without exhaust flap. Since the Ford Focus 4 EcoBoost ST-Line originally only has tailpipes on the right-hand side, we have included a rear apron insert with cut-outs for the BASTUCK Twin tailpipes in our product portfolio. The ST-Line program is complemented by another rear silencer with the tailpipe variant (double tailpipes RH 2x Ø 76 mm, with inward curl, cut obliquely at 20°).

The Ford Focus 4 ST-Line performance diagram shows that the BASTUCK sports exhaust systems do not only increase the optical value but they also increase the performance: 5 KW and 8,8 NM *) more performance and a deep sonorous sound wait for you after mounting the system. Convince yourselves of the new sound by listening to our sound file.

For the Focus 4 EcoBoost ST we additionally have a replacement tube for the particulate filter (This article is not approved for use in public road traffic – exclusive use for racing purposes!) available and for the Focus 4 EcoBoost ST-Line we have a replacement tube for the front silencer (This article is not approved for use in public road traffic – exclusive use for racing purposes!) available.

*) Ref. vehicle: Ford Focus 4 2.3l EcoBoost ST 206 KW / 5500 rpm, input measurement: 219.7 KW / 427.2 NM; measurement with sports exhaust system 224.7 KW / 436.0 NM, increase of up to 5 KW / 8.8 NM

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