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Gentlemen start your engines! Welcome to the BASTUCK Classic world.

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What could be better than a ride in your own classic car? Owning a classic car is one thing, but driving it is quite another.

The feeling of driving a real car without modern technical gadgetry, the knowledge of enriching the grey everyday life of road traffic with a real eye-catcher and the pure joy of driving your treasure extensively again do not have to be explained to a classic car lover. He knows them.

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    In our shop you will find everything you need for your classic car, from A for "accessory" to Z for "Z-bar linkage". Take a look, it's worth it.

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    We at BASTUCK are nothing less than your personal pit crew, so that you can enjoy your classic car for a long time to come and drive it carefree at any time. Whatever is missing from your piece of jewellery, whatever part is on strike and is slowing you down, we have it.

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    We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts for your Triumph, Volvo, MG, Austin-Healey and Jaguar. From the smallest rivet to a complete engine, you'll find everything your heart desires!

    Come to your personal pit lane: our crew is ready for you!

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    Here you will find an overview of the brands and models that we keep alive with our ever-growing range of spare parts.

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    a passion for quality

    Classic car spare parts from BASTUCK

    We want you to enjoy your classic car. And what is the most joy in a beautiful car? Correct: it wants to be driven! It wants to be seen on the road. So that you can drive your cars without the fear of something breaking down and there being no spare parts left, we are here.

    At BASTUCK we are constantly expanding and refining our range of spare parts. This applies both to products that are no longer available and to products that are still available but do not meet our quality standards. We develop new products and have them manufactured according to our high quality standards.

    Because BASTUCK stands not only for an extensive range, but also for the highest quality. We are here to ensure that you continue to enjoy your vehicle and restoration work, and that you can enjoy your free time with your beloved treasures without any worries.

    Advice & Service

    We at BASTUCK stand for quality, reliability and passion. This also applies to our advice. We are not finished until you have received satisfactory advice and your questions have been answered. No matter what project you have, what classic car you are restoring and what problems you may have with it, with us you are in the best hands.

    Our qualified staff look back on years of experience and enthusiasm for cars and are often passionate classic car owners themselves. We are, if you like, a company by fans for fans.

    Contact us. We are always there for you.

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    About BASTUCK

    BASTUCK was founded in 1986 by Rainer Bastuck out of his personal passion for classic cars.

    The in-depth expertise of our team formed the basis for the continuing success of the Classic division, which has made BASTUCK & Co. GmbH to become one of the leading companies in the field of spare parts supply for classic vehicles of the Triumph, Volvo, MG and Austin-Healey brands. Today, we also stock spare parts for Jaguar classic cars and have over 40,000 products ready to be delivered at any time in the shortest possible time.

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    TRIUMPH TR5, TR250, TR6: Sports exhaust system in original design

    As more and more customers have asked for an alternative to the previously available sports exhaust system with two rear silencers in the original look, we have responded to this request.

    BASTUCK CLASSIC: Triumph GT6 and Spitfire, bonnets

    Triumph GT6 and Spitfire: bonnets

    For decades, the bonnets for the GT6 MK1, MK2, Spitfire MK1-MK2 and Spitfire MK3 were not available. Anyone currently restoring their classic car or planning a restoration can now make use of the new BASTUCK bonnets.

    BASTUCK CLASSIC: Water pumps Volvo B16

    Volvo B16: Water pumps

    When refurbishing a classic Volvo, the water pump has always been a nuisance over the years. The few items available were either overpriced or of inferior quality. For us, this was reason enough to remanufacture the water pumps for the Volvo B16.

    BASTUCK Triumph Spitfire, GT6, Herald, Vitesse: Lower wishbones

    Triumph Spitfire, GT6, Herald, Vitesse: Lower wishbones

    Getting lower wishbones for Triumph Spitfire, GT6, Herald or Vitesse has been a futile endeavour for some time...

    Volvo PV445/P210 (Duett): Retaining bracket for leaf springs

    Like many other items in our CLASSIC range, we have reproduced the retaining bracket for the leaf springs for Volvo PV445/P210 (Duett), thus further supplementing our range.

    VOLVO PV444, PV544: Turn signals complete, front right and left

    The complete Volvo PV444 and PV544 turn signals have long been a major problem when restoring a classic Volvo.


    We now have a new high-performance radiator for the Jaguar E Type Series 1 4.2 in our product range. For a long time, the quality of the radiators on the market was not convincing, and in some cases, they were not even available. Therefore, we decided to rebuild the radiator with new tools.

    BASTUCK CLASSIC: VOLVO PV444, PV544, Repair panel, rear left and right side

    VOLVO PV444, PV544: Repair panel, rear left and right side

    For a long time, the repair panels for the rear left and right-hand side panels for the Volvo humpback (PV444, PV544) were not available. If you are currently restoring your classic car or are planning a restoration, you can now use the new BASTUCK repair panels for the rear side panels.



    Rubber chassis parts are installed in almost every classic car. It is all the more annoying when they become cracked, porous and brittle - especially in places where the load is heavy. That is why we have decided to make some parts from the particularly elastic polyurethane.

    BASTUCK CLASSIC: Klassik MOTORSPORT, optimierte Edelstahlventile für Motorsport und Straße

    Classic MOTORSPORT: Optimised stainless steel valves for motorsport and street use

    In motorsport with classic vehicles, all products are exposed to special stresses. As passionate motorsport enthusiasts, we have noticed potential for improvement in the sports valves that have been available up to now. This was a reason for us to address the issue. We were supported in the implementation by engineers who were significantly involved in the development of Formula 1 engines.


    Do you have any questions? We have the answers! Contact us at any time by phone or email and tell us about your project. Whether you are looking for the right spare part for your personal treasure or need advice on restoration, we will be able to help you at any time.

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