• certification according to current DIN ISO standard
  • for all relevant noise emission measurements
  • can also be used by vehicle manufacturers

A modern test track for noise emission has been built between between Lebach and Niedersaubauch, a project initiated by the Bastuck & Co. GmbH (Lebach). From now on the expert for sports exhausts can perform all relevant noise measurements on this track on its own in order to document the conformity of the exhausts according to the latest ECE standards

For Rainer Bastuck, the company’s founder and owner of BASTUCK & Co. GmbH, it is an extremely exciting time. “We are investing in the future. When the new test standards in the field of exhausts were introduced, we decided to establish our own basis for the implementation of the measurements constantly becoming more and more complex, and consequently to invest in all relevant measuring equipment, test track included“, summarizes Mr Bastuck.

Being part of the new standard, it is necessary to coat the track of approximately 300 metres with a special surface. On top of this, new requirements which go far beyond the usual comparative measurements of the past have been added. From now on, criteria that are taken into account are among others the starting speed to the measuring point and the acceleration depending on the vehicle’s weight. Mr Bastuck says, “This makes the whole measurement a time-consuming process, so we are happy that it was possible to construct a test track which is that close to our premises“. He adds, “Upon the completion of a measurement and the evaluation of its results we can drive back the short way to our premises, carry out possible modifications in our workshop and then immediately perform a new measurement. This allows us to save a lot of time.“

The track is certified according to the DIN ISO 10844:2016 standard, where the acoustic requirements of test tracks for the measurement of noise emissions of road vehicles and their tyres are specified. “This means that vehicle manufacturers can use the track as well in order to measure noise emissions or tyre noise” explains Mr Bastuck.

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