Volvo V90 T6 AWD 2017 onwards: SPORTS EXHAUST SYSTEM

  • sports exhaust system with ECE-approval
  • tailpipes available with or without exhaust flap
  • tailpipe variant: „Twin Oval“ 1x exit Ø 63 mm LH+RH for original tailpipe trim

Volvo is targeting the luxury class with the Volvo V90 T6 AWD. For the Swedish estate to also reach full marks in the sound department, we developed a suitable sports exhaust system with ECE-approval.

The complete system consists of three link pipes and a rear silencer with tailpipes, available with or without exhaust flap. The Twin-tailpipes (single tailpipe LH+RH Ø 63 mm) fit exactly in the tailpipe trims of the original rear bumper.

For the manual control of the exhaust flap we are optionally offering a remote control (This article is not approved for use in public road traffic – exclusive use for racing purposes!). This remote control is included if you order the rear silencer with the exhaust flap control and the tailpipes with exhaust flaps.

Alternatively, you can mount the rear silencer to the original exhaust system by using the appropriate adapter for the original exhaust pipe.

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