Volvo PV445/P210 (Duett): Retaining bracket for leaf springs

  • Forged from high quality steel
  • Quenched and tempered
  • Finally galvanised

Like many other items in our CLASSIC range, we have reproduced the retaining bracket for the leaf springs for Volvo PV445/P210 (Duett), thus further supplementing our range.

As classic car enthusiasts, we are particularly concerned with high quality and accuracy of fit and so we have had the retaining brackets forged from high-quality steel, after which they were hardened and tempered and galvanised. They are therefore also characterised by a particularly high level of strength.


BASTUCK CLASSIC: HA37VOP, Retaining bracket for leaf springs
 (Volvo PV445/P210)


(reference-no.*: 953883)


Retaining bracket for leaf springs

(Volvo PV445/P210)




Prices incl. 19% VAT.

* The reference number(s) given serve solely to allocate technical features and possible uses.
This does not imply any claim of equivalence, e.g. with regard to origin, material properties or durability.

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