Volvo: High performance radiator

  • 30% higher cooling capacity than to the original part
  • True to original visual appearance
  • has not been available for a long time
A new high performance radiator for various Volvo models is immediately available from our range of products. For a long period of time the quality of the radiators available on the market has not been convincing and partially they have even been unavailable. For this reason, we decided to reproduce radiators with our own new tools. They convince through excellent quality and their design which was recreated exactly like the original’s design. We optimized the upper and lower part of the radiator housing which we have had manufactured in brass of 1mm thickness. In addition, we optimized it technically by manufacturing a close copper network leading to an improvement of the cooling capacity by 30% compared to the original radiators.
Illustration Art.-No. Name Price EUR
K1VOP1800 (reference no.*: 252086) high performance radiator Volvo P1800 early until CH-19174 (1961-1966) 287,88
K1VO (reference no.*: 252087) high performance radiator Volvo P1800 1967 onwards all Volvo PV, 140, Volvo Amazon with B18 engine 218,38
K1VOAM (reference no.*: 252111) high performance radiator Volvo Amazon, P1800 incl. E/ES with B20 engine 220,55
K1VOAMB16 (reference no.*: 252078) high performance radiator Volvo PV444, PV445, PV544, P210 with B16 engine 231,28
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* The ref. no that we mention are useful for all technical characteristics and application areas for our parts. They do not mean that these parts are of the same value e.g. relating origin, material properties or quality/long lastiness.


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