Volvo: Closing cylinder sets

  • now available for Volvo P1800/S/E/ES and Amazon P120/130
  • high quality due to faithful reproduction
For a long time, it has been very hard to get complete sets of closing cylinders. We have reproduced a set of five components for the Volvo P120/P130 and a set of six components for the Volvo P1800 S/E/ES and succeeded in a faithful reproduction of the original parts.
Art. No. name price (euro)
S1bVOAM closing cylinder set (5 parts) Volvo Amazon P120/P130 (ref. no. 663804) 40,72
S1bVOP1800 closing cylinder (6 parts) Volvo P1800 E/S/ES (ref. no. 664736) 40,50
all prices incl. 19% VAT The ref. no that we mention are useful for all technical characteristics and application areas for our parts. They do not mean that these parts are of the same value e.g. relating origin, material properties or quality/long lastiness.

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