VOLVO P120, P1800 S/ E/ ES FOR D- OR J- TYPE OVERDRIVE GEARBOX (M41): Adapter plate between overdrive and gearbox

  • perfect fit for D- and J- Type overdrive
  • made of high-quality aluminium
  • attractive price

We have added a new product to our range for classic Volvo P120, P1800 S/E/ES. The adapter plate between overdrive and gearbox is a proprietary development and fits precisely for both D- and J-type overdrive gearboxes.

To counteract the problem of cracked adapters, we have provided our plate with special reinforcements. It is made of high-quality aluminium and is attractively priced.

With the new plate, we offer an alternative for the extremely expensive plate for D-type overdrive gearboxes and save many owners of classic Volvo P120, P1800 S/E/ES the hassle of searching for the hard-to-get adapter plates for J-type overdrive gearboxes.


BASTUCK CLASSIC: G110VOAM Adapter plate universal, for D- / J- type overdrive and gearbox (Volvo P120, P1800/S/E/ES)


(reference no.*: 380183, 381144)


Adapter plate universal, for D- / J- type overdrive and gearbox (Volvo P120, P1800/S/E/ES)




all prices incl. 19% VAT

* The ref. number(s) are only indicated to assign technical characteristics and their possibilities of use. They are not indicated to claim that they are equivalent, e.g. in terms of origin, material characteristics or durability.

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