Triumph Spitfire MK4-1500 + GT6 MK3: bumper and overrider

  • high BASTUCK classic quality
  • perfect fit
  • true to original reproduction
For the Spitfire MK4 – 1500 as well as for the GT6 MK3 a bumper can be purchased from us now. After having reproduced the overriders some time ago, we now extend our BASTUCK Classic range by the corresponding bumper. The poorly reproduced bumpers which have been available on the market so far were welded together from three pieces. For this reason, the new BASTUCK bumpers have been reproduced in a true to original way with a new pressing tool in steel and have additionally been equipped with a high-value chrome plating. Not only the bumper, but also the overriders convince by their perfect fit and by the usual high BASTUCK Classic quality.
art. no. name price (Euro)
S50SPTMK4 (Referenz-Nr. WKC2543*) front bumper Spitfire MK4 – 1500 + GT6 MK3 528,59
S52aSPTMK4L(Referenz-Nr. 815277*) overrider LH Spitfire MK4-1500 + GT6 MK3 45,22
S52aSPTMK4R(Referenz-Nr. 815278*) overrider RH Spitfire MK4-1500 + GT6 MK3 45,22
all prices incl. 19% VAST The ref. no that we mention are useful for all technical characteristics and application areas for our parts. They do not mean that these parts are of the same value e.g. relating origin, material properties or quality/long lastiness.

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