Sustainably equipped for the future: BASTUCK photovoltaic system supplies electricity

The bird's eye view illustrates the dimensions of the new photovoltaic system installed at the company headquarters in Lebach in spring 2021. After a three-month construction period, it is now completed and works for the sustainability of the Bastuck company.

BASTUCK is investing in the future - and sustainably too. The current project has been completed and is impressive: Around 8,000 square metres of roof surface are covered with the photovoltaic panels. "There was a lot of work over a period of three months, and of course at least as much planning before that," reveals Rainer Bastuck. A total of 2140 modules have been installed on the roofs of BASTUCK's office and storage areas, along with various kilometres of cables that have also been laid on the roof.

The flow of electricity is regulated by a total of 18 inverters and a separate transformer. In this order of magnitude, the project belongs to the so-called "large-scale photovoltaic systems". A peak electrical output of 749 kWp (read: kilowatt peak) is supplied. "We can theoretically cover our company's entire electricity needs with this system and also feed electricity into the grid," says Bastuck. "I think every company can do its part to make us more sustainable, and we've given a lot of thought to what our part could be. That doesn't mean that the photovoltaic system is the only project, but we have started it and want to set a positive example," Bastuck concludes.

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