Mercedes C-Klasse W205 C160, C180, C200, C300, AMG C43, AMG C63: Sports exhaust systems

  • Sports exhaust systems with ECE homologation
  • BASTUCK sound files available for the Mercedes AMG C43 and AMG C63
  • Performance increase by up to 3,5 KW and 7,3 NM*

The BASTUCK product range for the Mercedes brand is growing further. Sports exhaust systems for different variants of the Mercedes C-Class W205 now enlarge our portfolio.

For the 4 cylinder model (C160, C180, C200, C300), the complete system consists of a front silencer and two rear silencers (LH + RH) with „Twin OVAL“ tailpipes (oval tailpipe 90 x 60 mm). The left-hand side rear silencer is available with and without exhaust flap control.

For vehicles, which come with an original exhaust flap, we have included the left-hand side rear silencer LH with a corresponding mounting bracket for the original exhaust flap in our product range so the that it can continue to be used.

For vehicles without original exhaust flap, we have developed a rear silencer LH. With the rear silencer, a cable harness, a control unit and a remote control (This article is not approved for use in public road traffic – exclusive use for racing purposes!) are included.

For vehicles with original rear apron without open integrated tailpipe trims LH + RH, the original rear apron of the 2.0l model with open tailpipe trims LH+RH must be mounted additionally.

For all 4 cylinder models, only the complete system can be mounted. The mounting of the system results in a significant performance increase of up to 3,5 KW and 7,3 NM*. Optionally, a replacement tube for the front silencer (This article is not approved for use in public road traffic – exclusive use for racing purposes!) is available.

For the 6 cylinder model (AMG C43) and the 8 cylinder model (AMG C63) with original exhaust flap, we respectively offer rear silencers (LH+RH) with tailpipes that fit exactly into the original cut-outs of the original rear apron.

The „Twin OVAL“ tailpipe variant (with oval tailpipe, 90 x 60 mm, LH + RH) is also available for the 6 cylinder model. Meanwhile, the 8 cylinder model can be fitted with rear silencers with double tailpipes („Quattro“ with double tailpipe LH + RH Ø 63mm, Ø 44 mm). The BASTUCK rear silencers can only be mounted onto vehicles with original exhaust flap control.

To get an impression of the new sound beforehand, we have prepared a BASTUCK sound file for the models Mercedes AMG C43 and AMG C63.

*) Reference vehicle: Mercedes W205 AMG C43 KW 287/6100 rpm, input measurement: 305,9 KW / 
533,2 NM; measurement with sports exhaust system: 309,4 KW / 540,5 NM; increase by 3,5 KW and 7,3 NM

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