• take-over on 01.08.2019
  • free BASTUCK spare parts catalogues available for new customers
  • all classic articles are also available in the online Shop

The Marke und Ertel GbR, which specialized in replacement parts for classic Triumph, is now part of the company from Saarland. The management of the Marke und Ertel GbR has concluded to not further continue business and because of the years working together trustworthily has decided to handover the company to BASTUCK & Co. GmbH.

Classic cars were and will forever be the passion of the BASTUCK & Co. GmbH. Not only founder Rainer Bastuck takes great care of his passion, his staff does so as well. “At Bastuck, everyone knows the brands Triumph, Austin Healey, Volvo and MG by heart. Our staff will now also provide their competence to the former Marke and Ertel customers and help them with the restoration of their classic car”, Bastuck explains.

The new customers can easily and quickly find the needed parts for their classic car in the free BASTUCK spare parts catalogues as well as in our well-organized online shop. „We have over 40.000 parts in stock which we can deliver instantly. Amongst them are a lot of reproductions we had built true to detail, because the quality of the existing parts did not satisfy us or they simply were not available anymore”, Bastuck comments. Before a part is included in the BASTUCK product range it is checked thoroughly by the staff themselves.

In the many years, in which BASTUCK & Co. GmbH has grown, the roots of the family company have always stayed in Saarland, where founder Rainer Bastuck now manages the company with his daughter Anke Bastuck and prepares it for the future. „Of course, the classic sector is and will be an important main pillar for us, which we strengthen even more with the inclusion of Marke und Ertel GbR”, Bastuck underlines.

New customers find a lot of important information on our website: https://www.bastuck.de/de/classic/ and can simply request the free spare part catalogues here: https://www.bastuck.de/de/katalog-anfordern/



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