High-quality chassis parts for Triumph models

  • perfect fit
  • reproduction true to original
  • high-calibre BASTUCK qualit
Our product range for high-quality Triumph chassis parts is continuously growing and we have added yet another high-quality article recently. As reproductions true to the original with perfect fit, you may now order the rear panel for Triumph TR 2-3, the panel next to the boot lining (LH/RH) as well as the bonnet for the TR4. All of our chassis parts have been carefully constructed with newly created tools thus ensuring their perfect fit and high quality.
Art. No. Name Preis (Euro)
KA13TR3A rear valance for Triumph TR3 from chassis no. TS18913/TR3A (ref. no. 901299) 647,06
KA13TR3 rear panel for Triumph TR2-3 up to chassis no. TS18912 (ref. no. 900477) 647,06
KA18aTR3L boot lining panel left, Triumph TR 2-3 up to chassis no. TS 60001(ref. no. 900615) 117,67
KA18aTR3R boot lining panel right Triumph TR 2-3 up to chassis no.TS 60001 (ref. no. 900614) 117,67
KA15TR4 bonnet Triumph TR4 (ref. no. 904130 + 903175) 1368,50
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