GT6 MK1 / Vitesse 2l MK1: cylinder head gasket

  • available now
  • high-value BASTUCK Classic quality
  • true to original reproduction
The cylinder head gasket for the Triumph GT6 MK1 and the Vitesse 2l MK1 makes part of our Classic portfolio from now on. To ensure our high-value BASTUCK quality, we have reproduced them in copper in a true to original way using high-value tools. In addition to the cylinder head gasket, the top end engine gasket set is immediately available again now.
illustration art. no. description price (Euro)
MD6GT6 (ref. no. AE350*) cyinder head gasket GT6 MK1/ Vitesse 2l MK1 42,16
MD1GT6 (ref. no. GEG115*) top end engine gasket set GT6 MK1 / Vitesse 2l MK1 59,44
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* The ref. no that we mention are useful for all technical characteristics and application areas for our parts. They do not mean that these parts are of the same value e.g. relating origin, material properties or quality/long lastiness.

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