Volvo Amazon: heated rear windscreen

  • finally available again
  • true to original quality
  • favourable price
In the past, owners of a Volvo Amazon have repeatedly struggled with the procurement of rear windscreens during restoration. For a long period of time they could not even be purchased at all. Single rear windscreens could only be found in exceptional cases and they were sold at overcharged prices. Moreover, the quality could not convince an Amazon enthusiast under no circumstances. We have found a remedy for this problem by offering the heated rear screens from now on. They convince by their true to original quality as well as by their low price.
illustration art. no description price EUR
R4VOAM 673712 Bastuck rear windscreen heated transparent Volvo Amazon R4VOAM (ref. no.* : 673712) Rear windscreen, heated, transparent Volvo Amazon 148,34
R4AVOAM 673713 Bastuck rear windscreen heated tinted Volvo Amazon R4AVOAM (ref. no.* : 673713) Rear windscreen, heated, tinted Volvo Amazon 161,18
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* The ref. number(s) are only indicated to assign technical characteristics and their possibilities of use. They are not indicated to claim that they are equivalent, e.g. in terms of origin, material characteristics or durability.


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