Exchange Parts
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Exchange parts

Engine, exchange 

Please obey: The old engines should be sent to us without the following components:

- carburetter and
  intake manifold,
- all manifold studs,
- exhaust manifold,
- valve cover,
- distributor and - drive,
- water pump and -housing,


- thermostat housing,
- alternator,
- v-belt disk,
- fuel pump,
- distributor and
  fuel pump studs



Don´t forget:
Remove the oil and to clean the housing before delivery.


Gearbox, exchange 

Please supply us your gear box exchange parts without shifting lever, shifting fork and -shaft, w/o oil seal housing front, elec. switches and w/o tacho drive
Please supply us your overdrive exchange parts with tacho drive

Don´t forget:
Please remove oil and supply exchange parts mounted, complete and cleaned.




Engine, exchange
Fig.: Gear box exchange, M40 standard
Fig.: Gear box exchange,
M41, Overdrive J-Type
Overdrive D-Type
Overdrive J-Type